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​MAS Software



A comprehensive system designed for different kinds of business in accounting and trading management. The system is available in different versions and suitable for different nature of enterprises.



Providing comprehensive management on product sales, inventory, consuming and members’ detail etc. Management can grasp the company status within a short time. Enhancing the efficiency of staff by automation.



A system which satisfies all industries and assist account department to calculate salary. Employee can record their in/out time no matter work from home, work outside, in-office or work oversea. Management can also review employee accurate location by the report.

Online Shop

MAS-Online Shop

MAS-Online Shop is simple and easy to use without any programming knowledge or skills and it can be applicable to all businesses. Users can set up online stores according to their needs. This system can receive online orders anytime and anywhere so as to increase sales volume. It may also enhance a company’s brand image.



An internal system solution for the enterprise to manage the daily operation of all departments’. System functions can be flexibly expanded in response to the needs of the enterprise.

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