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Inventory System

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eManager Inventory System includes both software and hardware. Our system gives users a great advantage to control and follow up warehouse situation, allowing stock movement tracking and operating cost calculation to become more efficient.

Functions such as stock adjustment, transference, and stock take can be performed through a simple mobile device. Once the device is connected to the computer, data can be transmitted into the system and analyzed with different reports. The device supports different formats of barcodes or QR codes. Its operation interface supports both Chinese and English.


The inventory system can connect with MAS-Account and MAS-POS.

System Flow Chart
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Operated with ZEBRA Mobile Computer
  • Zebra TC21 is Light and handy, easy to use

  • User can operate the system with one-hand

  • View the inventory by touch screen

  • Scan or input the customer, supplier and product information

  • Create the document such as invoice and receipt

  • Connect Bluetooth and out-put the file and information to system

Product Adjustment and Management
  • Each product can add the picture

  • Set up Lot no. and safety stock amount

  • Support Different barcode format for printing the customer, supplier and product label

  • Tracking the running stock of the warehouse effective

  • Inventory management is suitable for all business

Support Label Printing
  • Support customer, supplier and product label printing

  • Thermal transfer with different materials of labels (e.g. paper, PVC)

  • Support barcode and QR code printing

  • Print Speed: 100 mm/s (4”)

  • Resolution: 300 dpi

  • Print Width: 105 mm (4.16”)

Detailed Analysis Reports
  • More than 100 documents and analysis reports (eg. Purchase, sales, unsalable and inventory)

  • Tracking the running stock of the warehouse effective

  • Easily Operation cost calculation

  • Report enables to export to Excel, CSV, HTML, and PDF

  • Customize report format by yourself in Ad Hoc report

Additional Functions
  • Security feature can be customized with multi-level users’ security setting

  • Fingerprint Login Function

  • Support connection with MAS-Account

*Need to purchase additionally
Function List
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