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MAS-Attend is a attendance system which can satisfy for all industries to record employee attendance, break time, and meal time so as to assist account department to calculate salary easily. It is compatible for ios or android system, also desktop computer smartphone and tablet which support . Staff may punch in/out anytime and  anywhere, weather Work from home, work outside, in office or work oversea. Management level department may know employee status such as GPS position accurately.


MAS-Attend Time and Location report helps Account and management team works efficiency and effectively, such as calculate staff salary easily, reduce human errors, and help employer to grasp staff attendance information in a easier way.

System Flow Chart
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User Friendly System Interface
  • Clearly and easily to use

  • Support both IOS & Android System

  • Computer, Tablet and Smartphone are applicable

  • Staff may use their own smartphone to punch time, company  dispense with adding the attendance machine

  • Setting different staff user account as a easy way

Cooperate with the needs of different industry
  • Use MAS-Attend to record attendance information whether Work from home, work outside, in office or work oversea.

  • Calculate and manage attendance accurately 

  • Record the attendance anytime and anywhere

  • Simplify work procedures to increase sales and productivity

GPS position, accurate and errorless
  • GPS function made Attendance system become more  flexible for all staff 

  • Record staff attendance included break time and position no matter office, branch, full time / part time and driver staff, etc. 

  • Assign manpower effectively 

  • GPS position, accurate and errorless

  • Staff can only use their personal account login

Detailed Analysis Reports
  • Management level department may check Time or location report

  • Detailed Analysis Reports, reduce workflow

  • Calculate salary easily (include monthly and hourly salary)

Function List 
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