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The following are some of the frequently asked questions and answers regarding the MasterSoft systems.


Please contact our consultants at 8228 3633 for further information.

1. Can we have multiple users using the same MAS-Account system simultaneously?

Yes, multiple users can use the same system simultaneously up to the number of user licenses purchased.


2. How to transfer data from Excel or other accounting system to MAS-Account system?

Data can be imported into the MAS-Account system according to the the standard format provided by MasterSoft.


3. Can all users use the same database for the MAS-Account system?

If your company has licenses for multiple users and their computers link to the same server, the same database can be accessed.

4. How to access the same database in different locations?

Provided all the computers link to the same server, the same database can be accessed in different locations.

5. What kind of software system is suitable for my company?

MasterSoft provides software systems suitable for different types of business. Our consultants will recommend the most suitable software system for your company based on your requirements. Please feel free to contact us for professional consultation.

6. Is there any local support after sales?

MasterSoft provides comprehensive after sales service. Other than email support and customer service hotline, we use Team Viewer to support the customer's system remotely.

7. Is there any software system demonstration?

Yes, we provide free demonstration with professional consultation for the customer. Please call our sales hotline: (852) 8228 3633 to schedule a demo.

8. What are the system requirements of MAS system?

Windows OS: Windows 8 / 10 / 11

Operating system: Windows Server 2012 or above

CPU: Intel Core i3 or higher

RAM: 4GB or above

Storage: 20GB free hard disk space

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