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Food Wholesale System

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eManager Food wholesale system is designed for food wholesalers. It can be connected with MAS-Account, coordinates the process of purchasing, sales and inventory in a faster way.


Users can receive the order from customer after input some simple information. The food wholesale system helps to create the invoice, monthly settlement and sales analysis quickly. The report can export to excel files, online checking the purchase, sales, and stock. It creates a clear and distinct process, reduces the cost, and results in raising competitive advantages.

System Flow Chart
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User-friendly system interface
  • Support Chinese and English

  • Security feature can be customized with multi-level users’ security setting

  • Total amount and export to analysis report, reduce human error

Clearly And Smoothly
  • Easy to look up customer, product information and product special price

  • Online checking the purchase, sales, and stock

  • Default setting the credit limited, so that system will be warning if the customer credit limited are not enough

  • Support different payment methods and ​multi-currency payment

Comprehensive Documents
  • Sales: Quotation, Invoice, Delivery Note

  • Purchase: Purchase Order, Supplier Invoice, Goods Receive Note

  • Various printing format, are in place to address the needs of company

Detailed Analysis Reports
  • Various documents and analysis reports help to understand the business in a short time

  • Analysis customer and product sales data, calculate the gross profit of the transition

  • Book bill report and stock movement report, see the goods profit clearly

  • Stock booking report, estimate delivery and goods receive quantity

  • Report enable to export to Excel, CSV, HTML and PDF

Additional Functions
  • Report enables to export to various format, are in place to address the needs of the company

  • Security Log Report, monitor the staff operating in the system, guarantee the safety of the company

  • Able to print the barcode, daily operation become smoothly

Function List
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