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Payroll System

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eManager Payroll System provides functions with keeping track of staff employment information, working hours and schedules, calculating wages and other deductions, MPF, leaves, payment of employees, and filing of taxes.

The system includes security setting functions for the management team to set up each user's rights, protecting sensitive data of the company.

System Flow Chart
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Manage Company Staff Data
  • Management levels staff can oversee employee data

  • Input company and the staff information record

  • Edit or delete data at the real-time

  • Set up system limited of different levels of staff

  • Public Holiday and allowance setting, etc.

  • Create the employee work/shift schedule

Salary Settlement
  • User can use fixed item to generate the salary

  • Payment method and other information can be default

  • Hourly, daily rate and monthly salary

  • Calculate all staff salary, bonus, no-pay leave, MPF in one platform

  • Over-time or AL maintain

Leave Data Management
  • Different type of holiday can be added such as Public holiday, Annual Leave, Casual Leave and Maternity

  • Calculate the annual leave by Different levels and Seniority

  • Over-time or AL maintain

  • Payment method and others information setting

Detailed Analysis Reports
  • Management Levels staff can print-out attendance record and work schedule

  • Salary report and receipt can be print after salary settlement

  • Payroll summary report, Leave report, MPF report, IR56B report, and medical claim report.

Additional Functions
  • Security feature can be customized with multi-level users’ security setting

  • User can set different independent User authorization

  • Management levels staff can grasp data at any time

  • Support Chinese and English

  • Support connection with MAS-Account

Function List
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