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eManager Elderly Home Medical Management System is a software system designed for caring homes. It is divided into  E-Home Medical Management System (EHMed) and E-Home Petty Cash Management System (EHCash).

EHMed improves medical staffs work efficiency and accuracy in managing the medical information, data, and history of service users, and to produce required reports to the concerned parties such as Social Welfare Department, Out-patient Clinic and Hospitals accurately.

EHCash manages the deposit and withdrawal information for residents. It enables staffs to print related documents to family members and to keep track of the expenditure records of residents. Several types of reports are included such as cash deposit summary and total balance statement.

System Flow Chart
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Compressive function with "3 Checks 5 Rights"
  • Help E-home implement “3 Checks 5 Rights”

  • Able to print the resident's code and pill-box code

  • Record and update resident basic and medical information anytime

  • Notes residents information, which includes name, gender, birthday, profile pic, bed no., CSSA/Pension/Own Expense and family contact information.

  • Default setting the hospital, disease, medical service, and pill record

  • Record follow up consultation, medical service and pill record of elderly residents'

  • Medical, physical and mental health history, drug and food allergy record

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Medial record and follow-up consultation history
  • Computerized residents medical history such as profile picture, used medicines, usage period, allergy and responsible staff

  • All medicines’ consumption instruction can be directly updated to residents’ personal record

  • Residents’ medicine, physical, psychological medical record, medicines' information, and allergy

  • Record residents' follow up consultation date, service and medical record will be clearly listed

  • Accurately record medicines' information, dosage, methods of taking medicines, times,                                                                                                                                                       

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Comprehensive drug information record
  • Can record details information of drugs, such as name, code, doses, rules, QTY, and special directive

  • System can be input the drug guideline, time, drug allergy for each resident

  • Residents follow-up consultation records, updated their information in anytime

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Electronic (Detailed) drug and medical service reports
  • An individual or group of residents report can be generated by the selected criteria or periods.

  • Prescription paper can be produced for daily operation

  • Medical records, medical reports, medical accident reports, overall physical reports, admission records reports

  • Residents drug record can be displayed personal data in detail

  • Monitor whether there is a mistake in dispensing drugs so as to implement 3 Checks 5 Rights

  • Report can be sort by medical services’ times and categories according to month or year, which includes examination, follow-up consultation, physical therapy, seminars, group activities, etc.

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Additional functions
  • Security feature can be customized with multi-level users’ security setting

  • The system can be connected to the tablet

  • Users can also use it with EHCash system

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Deposit Management
  • Record resident's amount of deposit, date and responsible staff. Receipt can be printed immediately. System also supports document batch print, users only need to sort by residents’ code and period. Reports such as cash deposit summary and total balance statement can be output too.

Withdraw Management
  • Record resident's amount of withdraw, date and responsible staff. Receipt can be printed immediately

Resident Petty Cash Summary Report
  • Show a resident's total of deposit, withdraw and balance

Resident Petty Cash Balance Report
  • Show all residents' petty cash total balan

Function List
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