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Logistics System

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eManager Logistics management system is simple and practical. It is essential to the logistics industry, transportation industry and logistics department for different kinds of companies. It assists with fleet delivery scheduling. The Logistics system can be connected with MAS-Account.


Staff could complete the work by simple operating at the logistics system, which help enterprise reducing the duplicate workflow, calculate the data of driver, customer, monthly statement accurately. This advanced system can help saving time, reducing workforce and cost, create the best economic benefits for the company.

System Flow Chart
Logistics System Flowchart(1).png
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User friendly system interface
  • Support Chinese and English

  • Security feature can be customized with multi-level users’ security setting

  • Total amount and export to analysis report, reduce human error

Comprehensive Logistics document
  • Mainland Booking note, details information

  • Local Booking Note, record the transportation data methodical

  • Update the record of transformation and inventory immediately

  • Monitor drivers work schedule, to arrange their time reasonable and finish work effectively

  • various printing format, are in place to address the needs of the company

  • Customize report format by yourself in Ad Hoc report

Detailed Analysis Reports
  • Various documents and analysis reports help to understand the business in a short time

  • Monthly statement and outstanding statement, grasp account receivable/payable aging

  • Customer and driver expenses report, see the information at a glance

  • Report enables to export to Excel, CSV, HTML, and PDF

  • Security Log Report, monitor the staff operating in the system, guarantee the safety of the company

Function List
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