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Enterprise Management System (EMS)

MAS-EMS is an internal system solution for the enterprise to manage the daily operation of all departments’. Multiple users can access, edit, and share information on the same platform through the web browser. System functions can be flexibly expanded in response to the needs of the enterprise. Management can monitor staff performance in real-time and manage resources effectively and efficiently.

System Flow Chart
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Customer Service Management
  • Help the CS department manage the enquiry from the customer

  • Assigned the enquiry case to staff according to different situation

  • -Urgent case or VIP enquiry can be marked, enhance efficiency.

  • All record would save at the system

ems-work plan.png
Task Management
  • Mange staff job duties computerization, such as appointment, meeting, work order and deliver

  • List out to-do list clearly, reduce the omission

  • Management level can chase or assign job process

Billing Management
  • Company can manage regular customer bills easily

  • Simplify the progress of issue repeatability invoice

  • Generate invoice automatically

  • View and manage invoice details faster

  • Print and analysis the billing information

Class Booking
  • Set up and booking different class or meeting via the EMS system

  • Attendance record, check the booking details easily

  • Survey form, help company to understanding customer satisfaction of the class

Project Management
  • Management level staff can check all the project as plain as print

  • Follow up the project process clearly

  • Realize the work order, meeting quickly, calculate the time of the project

Report Analysis
  • Output different report analysis

  • Company can analysis completely in many aspects, such as new customers, attendance, staff performance and report.

Function List
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