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Online Shop

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MAS-Online Shop is an online shopping solution that can be applicable to all businesses. Users can set up online stores according to their needs. This system is simple and easy to use without any programming knowledge or skills. To establish an online shop, users just need to upload product categories, product information and photos, etc. in the Online Shop admin. Online shop can receive online orders anytime and anywhere so as to increase sales volume. It also provides a smooth online shopping experience, increases trustworthiness of customers and enhances a company’s brand image.


MAS-Online Shop can be connected to MAS-Account system for financial management. The management team can then access the company’s operation information faster and enhance its competitiveness in the market.

System Flow Chart
OnlineShop-flow chart-01-01.jpg
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Online shop is easy to set up and manage
  • Operate an online store without any programming knowledge

  • User-friendly interface, simple and ease of use

  • Users can sell a product after uploading the product category, information and photo

  • Support multi-payment method, online payment integration are secure and reliable

  • Enhance brand image

Reduce operation costs and fully utilize company’s resources
  • 24/7 online shop operation

  • Additional sales channel to receive purchase orders anytime and anywhere to increase sales volume

  • Reduce physical store’s costs including rent, shop decoration and maintenance

MAS-Online Shop can be connected with MAS-Account System*
  • Each online order automatically generates an invoice in the linked MAS-Account system*.

  • The inventory stock amount synchronizes in real-time.

  • Financial and inventory management becomes easier.

*System need to purchase additionally

Function List 
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