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Mobile App

eManager Mobile App, are suitable for all business nowadays. It can be used for a retail shop, online shop, restaurant, Logistics, etc. Smartphone is being used by all customer, user, and staff. In the era of the smartphone, the use of Apps and cloud system is becoming a trend when building different business communication platforms. eManager App is a mobile solution for enterprise management.  It connects users anywhere, anytime with back end systems designed by MasterSoft like MAS-Account, MAS-POS, Inventory, Logistics, and Attendance, etc retail shops, e-commerce, restaurants etc. Custom-made solutions are available for specific requirements.


Under the competitive business environment nowadays, eManager App could help enterprises enhance their brand image, reduce costs, promote the company at the lowest cost, become more eye-catching and provide the service faster.

System Flow Chart
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Barcode/ QR code Scanner
  • Data update and connect with MAS-Account and MAS-POS in a real-time

  • Scan the barcode with the smartphone lens

  • Check Member, product information any time and place

  • Create invoice, stock replenishment, sales return and change function

Retail POS
  • Enter product code or scan barcode

  • Choose quantity and add to shopping cart

  • Put invoice on hold or submit directly

Inventory Management
  • Stock in, exchange, return, transfer

  • Check inventory in various warehouses

  • Check records

Membership info & Staff Attendance
  • Check members' info and points by scanning barcode or entering members' ID or mobile number.

  • Use GPS to record employees' attendance time and locations

Function List
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