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Invoice-Lite System (Subscription)

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Invoice-lite System (Subscription) is an evolution of the MAS-Account System and is suitable for all kinds of business. Any company in any industry needs to create invoices as long as there are sales. After the user enters data, the system automatically generates quotations and invoices to reduce paper processing time. This system is specially designed for start-ups, or customers with limited budget who want to experience business services first.

System Flow Chart
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Handle trivial work in an easy way
  • Supporting both Chinese and English

  • Security feature can be customized with multi-level users’ security setting

  • Total amount and export to analysis report, reduce human error

  • User cab set-up customer and supplier information

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Easily checking data and record 
  • Searching information in different pages by magnifier

  • Issue sales and purchase document conveniently

  • Transfer or Copy function, issuing document quickly, increase the business turnover

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Detailed Analysis Report
  • Account Receivable/ Account Payable: Check data at a glance

  • Various documents and analysis reports help to understand the business in a short time

  • Generate the monthly statement  

Function List
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