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Self Service Kiosk

Self-Service Kiosk becomes the most popular trending in this generation, The shopping mall and store will set-up a self-service kiosk machine with an advertising function, to provide different kinds of information and interact with the customer, to bring the double-win benefits for both company and customer.


eManager Kiosk is an advertisement and self-service system that can be connected with Mastersoft software such as MAS-Account, MAS-POS, eManager F&B , etc. Help the company to manage its business all-round. Everyone can use our user-friendly system.

System Flow Chart
How can we help?

Compare with the traditional printing advertisement, MasterSoft eManager self-service Kiosk provides the update information and promotion computerized, show the picture and videos which your company wants to promote. After you put our self-service kiosk machine inside or outside your store, the target audience can be attracted to consume, create infinite commercial opportunities.

Self-Service Shopping

Our self-service shopping system can help to attract customer, who can purchase easier and without pressure. Customers can take the order, and then go to the cashier directly pay the order or make the online payment, reduce the workload of the staff.

Quick Ticket and Queueing

Self-Sevice Kiosk machine can being a quick ticket and queueing machine, customer can take the queueing number by themselves. The ticket will display the number and current ticket number time. Can be used on different business, make the process clear and convenient, reduce the human error. After adding the advertising service, make it become economical.

Self-service Ordering

Self-service Kiosk- Ordering makes the ordering quickly and easier. Customers can order what they need, reduce the human error effectively, make the process consistency, decrease the waste of food. Therefore the company can arrange the resource completely according to the needs.

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