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Jewellery Management System

eManager Jewellery Management System is specially designed for jewellery trading companies and manufacturers. This system can fulfill the need for jewellery wholesalers, traders and manufacturers since they can handle worldwide information thought the internet. Additionally, detailed records of jewellery certificates, prices and designers can assists manufacturers control inventory effectively. Also, documents and reports function can enhance productivity and reduce production costs.

System Flow Chart
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Simple System Interface
  • Support Chinese and English

  • System functions and authorities can be set for according to different employees according to their position in Group and user settings

  • System calculates the total amount automatically and outputs different reports to reduce manipulating errors

Jewellery data management
  • Record all jewelry styles and design information in detail

  • Input cost, color, material, size, designer information

  • Upload jewellery certificate and product easily

  • Gold and jewellery prices can be input separately

Sales and purchase document
  • Sales: quotation, sales confirmation, invoice, delivery note, and continental delivery note

  • Purchase: Purchase order, supplier invoice, good receive note, consignment note

  • Consignment: Consignment note, Consignment invoice, supplier Consignment, supplier consignment invoice

  • Income and expenditure, goods return, credit note and debit note

  • Other: work order schedule, cargo storage, external repair note

  • Document content can be copy by transfer or copy function

  • Support multiple currency transactions and printing formats

Easily to master the company
  • More than 50 comprehensive analysis reports

  • Analysis of sales and purchases of various customers and products as well as the gross profit of the transaction

  • Analysis of inventory including finished products and raw materials by inventory report

  • Maintenance and work schedules to monitor quality of work progress and product

  • Reports can be exported to Excel, CSV, HTML, and PDF formats

Additional Function
  • Security feature can be customized with multi-level users’ security setting

  • User can be setting different independent User authorization

  • Management levels staff can grasp data at any time

  • Support Chinese and English

  • Support connection with MAS-Account

Function List
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